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Wilson's Audio Lab Anniversary Power Cord


It's my first post / review so please take it easy on me.

I received the Anniversary and Legend power cable from Wilson immediately the day after the June audio show at KITEC. I've been burning them in non stop for nearly 240 hours now with a few listening sessions in between.

I've used both power cord in my source (Cary DMS-500), pre-amp (Mcintosh C2600), power amp (Mcintosh MC275), and Wilson's own prototype power bar. My speakers are KEF Reference 3 and I run aftermarket cords across all my gear.

I'm a casual listener and a rookie when it comes to 2 channel music. But given how great Wilson's customer service is, and the fact that I took his prized cables for more than 10 days, I needed to provide some feedback.

Both cords are beautifully crafted. Good craftsmanship and attention to details can be seen throughout the cords. The color of the sleeves makes them distinct and stands out from the crowd. They are quite bendable despite their size. If I had to nitpick, I would say the sleeves are a bit flimsy and will tear quite easily if rubbed together (I see a little bit of this in the demo cables).

On sound, after the 200 hour burning mark.... WOAH! It's a power cord that can harmonize and yield sonic gains with every component from source to amps to even the power bar.

The first impression is a bigger and forward sound stage. Next thing I noticed was the improved separation, detail, and clarity. You can really visualize the different instruments playing in front of you in a detailed manner. Sounds that were muted or drumbeat where it sounded smushed in together previously, now becomes apparent and crystal clear. The overall presentation is smooth and effortless. You'd want to move your body, tap your feet, or drum your fingers with the music.

It's a highly analytical cable where the downside is the feeling of dryness and lack of emotions, when compared to brands such as, say, Signal Projects, but this isn't an issue with my tube setup. (The dryness have decreased further after the 240 hour burn in mark. Wilson told me this cord can take up to 500+ hours for its sonic signature to stabilize)

Low end is there with good punch but I didn't feel any weight, which is generally the case with a cord that is high in silver vs copper content.

For its price, it's definitely a no brainer for me. My thoughts on the Anniversary is that it is definitely punching above it's weight class. It will certainly hold its own against cords which cost significantly more. The fact that he allows free trials (once you pay a deposit that is slightly more than the retail price) means you can buy without worries. No longer will us Hong Kongers have to be jealous of the US where almost ALL brands and shops offer 30 day return trials.

If the above doesn't persuade you to at least try his cords out, consider this: It's a Hong Kong brand!!! Show support and appreciation for local businesses please!!!


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