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You should try..... Wilson Audio Lab RCA Anniversary Cable


Hi all,

I rarely write reviews and here is my quick impression(may be not a review) after using the Wilson audio lab anniversary pure silver RCA/1.5m cable for a week and DC pure silver cable/1.5m over a month(for my Ethernet/optical Converter).

First of all, these cables are exactly the same as Wilson describes from his website below and I can’t do a better comment.

“....聲音要絕對全面, 平衡, 高分析力而不薄聲, 有力不粗聲, 幼細但有動態, 音場既深且闊, 質感強烈, 音樂感豐富. 總之就係以一切最佳還原為主.“

The RCA and DC cable have the similar profile and I think RCA cable is even more transparent. I usually don’t enjoy much of a cable that has too dark background but Wilson’s RCA is the exception and the pure silver micro details is really charming and better than the Odin (1st gen) RCA cables that had served me for many years....

Great work!!!

PS: I also ordered one more ann. power and 2 DC cables for my NAS and switch LPS.


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